David & Dale Cross

If you've landed here it's because you have clicked a link to add your contact info to our address book.  You also have been informed that I, David Cross, am leaving many of the major online social media platforms, including facebook, and am no longer posting any personal information.

The purpose of this page is to remain in contact with family, friends and other associations by keeping our address book current.  I will still be updating (videos, pics, emails, news updates, etc), but using other forms of contact that are more personal and intimate.  

I appreciate you taking the time and effort to do this and look forward to our journey together in the comings seconds, hours, days, weeks, months and years Lord willing.  Love you and bless you!

Please leave your contact info below:

MY PROMISE:  All contact info below will strictly be used for personal contact and updates.  I will NEVER sell, use for business, spam, or otherwise disrespect or dishonor you by using your information for anything other than just saying "hi" and keeping in touch!!