David R Cross
C0-Founder & Principal


I LOVE God...and I love to learn how to love and help people get closer to Him. My primary role is being a husband that is utterly in love with my best friend and companion Dale.  


I am a father to two amazing sons here and one that is currently on assignment in Heaven.  I am a son, a brother, a friend and am passionate about loving Adonai and seeking to see His Kingdom established in and through my life!


My life is all about FREEDOM!  Why?  I LIVE IT!  


I know bondage...I know the other side of living life less than what Jesus has made available.  Where the Spirit of The Lord is there IS FREEDOM (2 Cor 3:17).  


Freedom to live a supernatural life where the things of the "Spirit" are more real than "reality".  Freedom from the soulish emotional baggage of a broken, unrenewed soul where the mind is free from anxiety, worry, frustraion, anger, jelousy, insecurity, doubt and fear.  


Freedom to be healthy, vibrant and full of energy.  Freedom to know purpose, to have vision, and to pursue it with passion and vigor!  FREEDOM to have a LIFE...LIVED...DIFFERENT!  Freedom to enjoy relationships and to love with abandon...a life rich in community!  


My life is about freedom because He set us free to be free indeed and now my quest is to help others FIND FREEDOM AND LIVE IT!




I am a published author currently working on my second project.


 My first book "Finding Freedom: 7 Steps To Revealing The Life God Has Purposed For You" has been a huge success with many life chaging testimonies.  

The book has spawned the Living Free Series transformational discipleship classes!


I also host a TV Show with GODFAITHMEDIA.  


My show is called "Walking In The Spirit" .  We explore the depths and meaning of living life "in the Spirit"

Also, I an the Executive Producer and Program Director for GODFAITHRADIO and will be hosting a new Internet Radio Show coming Fall 2016!


In this season of my life I am more aware of God's desire to reveal His nature, His ways, and His Kingdom processes and protocols so that "Sons of Glory" may be raised up in these important days.

I'm here to be a voice, an example, and encourager and an inspiration to model, teach, and exhort those who know there's more and long to live & experience the Kingdom!

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Great question!  My story and my passion come from a 17 year journey into the heart of God!  In that journey I realize that so much of what I needed to understand I could not get from "church".  I didn't know what I needed (nor do most of us)...but I KNEW THERE WAS MORE!  

I knew there was more...but I didn't know where to find it!  So I went straight to the heart...the heart of Jesus and He lead me straight to my Father who took me by the hand and revealed to me how His Kingdom works.  He then led me to those teachers, mentors and disciplers that had gone before me and gave me incredible understanding.

With that understanding He set me FREE...and continues to increase that Freedom daily.  Then on May 29th, 2009 He woke me up and told me to feed His sheep and to help them climb...to reach the Summit of His Holy Mountain!  Thus...Mountain Guide Ministries.

I've experienced supernatural things, I've seen Angels (talked with them...felt them), I've prayed for the sick and seen them healed, Walked in the power of Holy Spirit, I've had incredible words of knowledge that have wrecked people, I've had powerful visions, been in the Heavenly court room, received on target prophetic words...but none of it compares to LIVING FREE to be a Son Revealing The Kingdom!


What I've come to realize is that we make this way too complicated...mainly because we truly do not understad what the main thing is!  Everyone that puts their faith in Jesus Christ is called to live a different life.  Access is not for the special, the pretty or that talented.  

It's not hidden because we are not educated enough, pray enough or serve enough.  It's accessible based on Kingdom laws (yes I used that tainted word "law"), processes and protocols.  These too are not hidden...but readily available to those who seek understanding.  The life Jesus died to give is still available ON THIS SIDE OF ETERNITY.

It's a great life...and incredible journey...a spectacular adventure into the mysteries of God.  It's whimsical and He smiles and enjoys giving us the keys to His awe inspiring Kingdom.

I'm here...we are here...sent by Him to help you on this journey!  That's what we do!  We walk together, sharing, teaching, encouraging, praying, seeking and helping you go up the mountain.  

Freedom is avaiable!  Freedom awaits!  Live the life that is available to you!  It's time...LIFE. LIVED. DIFFERNT!

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This website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Liability is limited to the fullest extent legally possible.