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What Do You Need Help With Today?

"What the Messiah has freed us for IS FREEDOM!  Therefore, stand firm, and don't let yourselves

be tied up again to a yoke of slavery...for, brothers you were called to BE FREE!" - Galatians 5:1:1-13

Coaching and mentoring to disciple growth in the things of the Spirit.  Some examples:


  • Hearing God

  • Experiencing God's Power

  • Supernatual

  • Prophesying

  • Healing: Physical & Inner

  • Overcoming: Fear, Doubt, Worry, Anxiousness, Shame, Guilt, Confusion


Information, strategies, and practical steps to living in optimal health and wellness.  Some examples:


  • Better Sleep

  • More Energy

  • Healthier Skin

  • Detoxing

  • Fasting

  • Choosing Nutrient Rich Food

  • Supplementation

Guidance, inspiration, and advice to discover purpose and walk in your life calling and live a meaningful life now! Some examples:


  • Our Business Opportunity

  • Know God's will for YOU

  • Career: Unlock your passion

  • Live a "Customed Designed Life"

  • Find Community

  • Better Relationships

It's Time To Live Free!

Enjoy A Meaningful & Abundant Life Now!




David R Cross is:

  • Author of "Finding Freedom: 7 Steps To Revealing the Life God Has Purposed For You"

  • TV Show Host of "Walking In The Spirit" on GodFaithMedia

  • Health and Wellness Distributor for USANA Health Sciences

  • Host of "The Morning Brew" Discipleship Videos

  • Executive Producer for GodFaithRADIO

David & Dale Cross




Official Amazon Review

 At the outset, I was expecting “another Christian book”. There are so many out there, many of them very good. Where does one begin, and where does one end? After a few pages, and as I progressed more and more, I came to an ever-increasing realization that this expectation was inaccurate. This is by no means just “another Christian book”.

In a nutshell, my reaction is “WOW”!! To me, “Finding Freedom” has the markings of a truly inspired and very important book that God can use mightily. I cannot imagine how the author, David Cross, could have realized and conveyed the insights that he has if they were not inspired. I’m familiar with passages that he has examined, but have never seen into them with such deep insight. I cannot think of any other Bible-focused writing about which I can more enthusiastically offer such an assessment.

At a practical level, I think that David has very effectively gotten to the core of what truly matters, and done so in a work that is extremely readable and concise, which I hope God can use in His process of providing ultimate blessing to untold numbers of people, as He wills.

You must read Finding Freedom!


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